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Barry Eggers on the 2020 Election, SPACS & More


In this episode of Harry Stebbings’s podcast, The Twenty Minute VC, Barry Eggers, Founding Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and Board Chair for NVCA, discusses the implications of a Biden vs. Trump administration on venture and startups, how the rise of SPACs will impact venture, and more.

The big picture: Numerous regulatory and industry issues are impacting the VC community – discover how to navigate the risks.


8 VC-Backed Startups Helping Treat COVID-19


Many U.S. VC-backed startups are helping fight COVID-19 by developing, testing, and implementing treatments that can manage, alleviate, or even prevent the symptoms of the virus.

The big picture: NVCA created a Startups Combating COVID tracker showcasing startups supporting the fight against COVID-19. Here are a few highlights of those companies.