Don’t Hurt Startups When Reining in Big Tech: Four Lessons from a New Academic Report

Congress has stepped up its focus on large technology platforms. The current emphasis is how our nation’s antitrust laws can be changed to address the power of these companies. One of the proposed solutions is restricting or forbidding acquisitions of smaller companies, which would hurt VC-backed companies due to the importance of acquisitions to the […]

The International Entrepreneur Rule – At Long Last

It only took four years, eight months, and ten days, but the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) is now set to unleash new entrepreneurial energy in the United States. It is said that good things come to those who wait. But waiting is not enough in policy advocacy: IER is here today due to a sustained […]

The American Jobs Plan and the Startup Ecosystem

One of the central strategies of the American Jobs Plan is to use increased innovation activity to make progress on three critical societal challenges: climate change, access to economic opportunity, and competition with China.  The bill seeks to accomplish this by using government resources to seed commercial activity through research programs, education and training, facility […]

Venture Capital Investment at Work

Venture capital investment is often associated with job creation and higher wages, innovation, and economic growth, as numerous studies have found.  A primary reason for this is the power of equity investment, where investors aligned with the long-term goals of a growth company provide capital to finance activities that lead to value creation over a […]

VC Policy Pulse: The International Entrepreneur Rule with Yiannis Yiakoumis

Welcome to our VC Policy Pulse series, where we speak with a VC or founder on a policy issue that is having a major impact on the venture and startup ecosystem. Today, we’re speaking with the founder of a VC-backed startup about the International Entrepreneur Rule. Yiannis Yiakoumis founded Selfie Networks in 2017 and since […]

VC Policy Pulse: Medical Device Coverage Reform with Vensana’s Justin Klein & Kirk Nielsen

Welcome to our VC Policy Pulse series, where we speak with VC investors on policy issues that are having a major impact on the VC and startup ecosystem. Today, we’re hearing from Justin Klein and Kirk Nielsen, co-founders & Managing Partners of Vensana Capital, about the effects of federal policy on medical device innovation in […]

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