NIH is the World’s Largest Early Stage Life Sciences Investor That You Didn’t Know About

What can NIH offer to NVCA member firm’s life science portfolio companies? How can you get access to NIH funded companies? Since when does NIH have Entrepreneurs in Residence? Check out the answers to these questions and more in our first Q&A session with NIH investment executives, Dr. Ethel Rubin and John Sullivan.

SEC Letter on Sarbanes-Oxley Relief for Startups

NVCA and a coalition of other business organizations sent a letter to the SEC supporting a proposed rule change that will ease the regulatory burdens facing small public companies and could help encourage more startups to become public companies.

Immigrant Entrepreneurship: An American Success Story

A growing body of rigorous academic literature empirically demonstrates that high-skilled immigrants provide a range of long-lasting and material benefits to the U.S. economy through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Foreign Investment From U.S. Allies Letter

NVCA and a coalition of industry associations put together a proposal to the Treasury Department, asking Treasury to provide for an exemption from the recent CFIUS expansion to minority, non-controlling investments for investors from U.S. allies (e.g. NATO countries) that meet certain trust factors.


Creating the Next Moderna: What VC Offers the World and 3 Public Policy Lessons

The world has anxiously waited for encouraging news about COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Happily, this news came right before Thanksgiving, with Moderna reporting that its vaccine is more than 94% effective and Pfizer indicating that its vaccine was similarly effective.

Venture Capital Fuels America’s Recovery: Infographic

At NVCA, we understand that venture capital powers the American economy, and we advocate that venture is a key component to keeping our economy strong through the COVID-19 pandemic fallout. American startups are the most innovative companies in the world, and many that are backed by VC are currently using their resources and human capital […]

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