Public Policy

NVCA advocates for policies that create U.S. economic growth and fuel entrepreneurship.

As the voice of the venture capital community, NVCA empowers its members by advocating for policies that encourage innovation and delivering resources and programs to help VCs succeed. We are committed to advancing policies that foster entrepreneurial activity and investment across the country.


NVCA advocates for tax policy that encourages new company formation by focusing on where the tax code impacts entrepreneurship.


NVCA encourages policies that help immigrant entrepreneurs build and grow businesses in the U.S.

Capital Markets & Regulation

NVCA champions a policy agenda that expands opportunities for capital formation.

Foreign Investment

NVCA believes it is critical to protect passive foreign investment into U.S. venture funds.

Intellectual Property

NVCA supports patent reform legislation that protects emerging companies’ innovative ideas.

Basic Research & Technology Transfer

NVCA’s endorses basic federal research investment as the underlying foundation for the innovation economy.


NVCA fosters policy priorities that enhance the U.S. technology and Internet sectors.

Climate and Sustainability

NVCA advocates for polices that support climate technology and the advancement of climate-focused startups.

Healthcare Innovation

NVCA believes medical innovation should become a national priority for patients and our healthcare system.


How VC is Solving Today’s Problems with Artificial Intelligence

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VCs and Opportunity Zones

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Navin Sethi with Ernst & Young LLP on a webinar to discuss the new Opportunity Zones program created by the recent tax cut …

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Let Banks Invest in Venture Capital Funds Once Again

NVCA is working to allow banks to invest in venture capital funds again. As part of this effort, we recently filed a comment letter proposing two solutions for how the …

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Foreign investment scrutiny: 5 questions every venture investor should know the answer to

Venture investors and startups are waking up to a new reality as the U.S. government is newly empowered to scrutinize foreign investment, including into venture funds and by foreign strategic …

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