NVCA Celebrates Earth Day with VC Leaders in Climate and Sustainability

Venture Industry’s 2022 Policy Priorities

In 2021, NVCA successfully navigated significant policy challenges and opportunities for the venture capital industry. Our activity was driven by two main factors. On the one hand, there is new excitement around the promise of the startup ecosystem and its ability to solve key problems. Many policymakers understand how venture-backed companies are addressing the ongoing […]

Startups Will Be Collateral Damage in Lawmakers’ Zeal to Attack Big Tech

Congress has trained its sights on Big Tech: several antitrust bills have been introduced. But one bill stands apart because it would affect more than large tech companies – it harms American entrepreneurs who launch new enterprises and are responsible for our economic dynamism. Policymakers must take care to protect the startup model that has […]

How Policymakers Can Capitalize on Two Geographical Trends in the Startup Ecosystem

Venture capital has left a massive imprint on American life, having served as fuel to create new industries (like biotechnology) and new companies (like Moderna) that have transformed the world. A recent academic study found that VC-backed companies are almost solely responsible for corporate innovation, and venture-backed public companies perform nearly half of total U.S. […]

President Biden Should Highlight American Leadership in Climate Technology Innovation at COP26

As President Biden and his team prepare for the COP26 UN Climate Conference next week, they should highlight to the world how America is providing leadership in climate-focused venture capital (VC) investment.  VC investment is the central factor accelerating the pace of innovation across a range of leading technologies, including biotechnology, medical devices, computer software […]

Study Shows Significant New Taxes on Carried Interest Damages Economic Opportunity

New research reveals that taxing carried interest at ordinary income rates will harm new venture capital (VC) fund formation in emerging technology regions in the United States. The study, by Professors Yael Hochberg and John Barrios (of Rice University and Washington University in St. Louis, respectively), finds that taxing carried interest as ordinary income would […]

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