Venture capital investment has been instrumental to the development of technology and the Internet, with venture firms partnering with the founders of iconic U.S. companies like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, and Uber.

What’s at stake: It is vital for policymakers to redouble efforts to collaborate and grow the U.S. technology and Internet sectors and reform procurement processes so the federal government can fully utilize innovative services and products that startups are bringing to market.


NVCA supports:

  • Regulation – A low regulatory burden so startups are not stifled as they disrupt incumbents.
  • Procurement – Reforms to government procurement laws to allow fast-growing startups to more easily navigate the complex and costly acquisition process.
  • Antitrust – Ensure reforms to antitrust laws do not harm the startup ecosystem by prohibiting acquisitions of venture-backed companies.

Background: The venture ecosystem is building on past success to deliver next-generation products and services to the American public. U.S. technological leadership has spurred consumer benefit and job creation due to the right blend of policy priorities over the last several decades.

Meet The Policy Expert

Jonas Murphy
Director of Government Affairs