NVCA Yearbook

The NVCA Yearbook serves as an important industry resource documenting trends and analysis of venture capital activity from the past year.

What’s in the NVCA Yearbook? It captures data about venture’s role in fueling entrepreneurship in America, including:

  • Statistics on the size and impact of the U.S. venture industry
  • Data on investments into startups, capital raised and managed by venture capital firms
  • Exit activity analytics either through an initial public offering (IPO) or merger and acquisition (M&A)

What’s new: The 2023 NCYA Yearbook, the 26th edition of the publication, highlights several industry milestones reached in 2022, including:

  • 4,825 companies raised first-time funding (the first round of equity funding in a startup by an institutional venture investor) and attracted $23.7 billion, with both metrics comparing favorably to 2021 records.
  • First-time deals accounted for 31% of the total deal count and nearly 10% of the total deal value.
  • Median fund size of $40.6 million was at a 13-year high and total AUM was at $1.1 trillion.
  • Exits decreased precipitously, with a 36% drop in exit count from 2021 to 2022 and a 91% drop in exit values over the same period.

Dive deeper into the venture industry’s milestones by:

  • Downloading the full 2023 NVCA Yearbook
  • Reading the press release
  • Accessing the public supplemental data pack
  • Downloading the members-only XLS data pack

Special thanks to NVCA’s official data provider, PitchBook.

Takeaways from the most recent NVCA Yearbook: