VCs Advocate for Startup Policy at VCs-to-DC

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As the entrepreneurial ecosystem and D.C. continue to intersect more and more, it’s crucial that VCs and startups engage with policymakers on policies and ideas that impact America’s startup industry. Recently, NVCA brought the ecosystem and D.C. together at our annual VCs-to-DC event. VCs-to-DC convened VCs, founders, and policymakers in our nation’s capital to take… Read more »

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss VCs-to-DC

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Less than three weeks away, VCs-to-DC is the annual policy summit that convenes venture investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to take part in conversations on policy issues to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. VCs-to-DC provides must-see content to understand how Washington is impacting venture and startups. Here are 5 big reasons you should come to VCs-to-DC on… Read more »

Immigration Policy Isn’t Working for the Economy. Let’s Fix That.

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Policymakers are constantly looking for ways to boost economic growth. They tweak the tax code, write and rewrite regulations, and deploy a variety of other tools at their disposal. But one underutilized tool is immigration policy; specifically immigration policy that facilitates the creation of new companies, which research shows is the true growth engine of… Read more »

CFIUS Head Sat Down with NVCA Members. Here’s What We Learned

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VCs and entrepreneurs continue to be impacted by new foreign investment scrutiny. In August, the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) delivered enhanced powers to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS), a U.S. government entity that has been called the “ultimate regulatory bazooka” for its ability to reject foreign investment for… Read more »

Foreign investment scrutiny: 5 questions every venture investor should know the answer to

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Venture investors and startups are waking up to a new reality as the U.S. government is newly empowered to scrutinize foreign investment, including into venture funds and by foreign strategic investors.  We’ve written previously about the big impact the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) will have on venture capital.  The Treasury Department recently… Read more »

Foreign Investment Bill and its Impact on the VC and Startup Ecosystem

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If you’re a VC with a foreign LP or have foreign co-investors, then you should know the law is about to change.  Later this week, Congress is expected to pass legislation that will impact foreign investment into the venture and startup ecosystem in new ways. President Trump is expected to sign the Foreign Investment Risk… Read more »

NVCA Gets Its Day in Court on Immigration Case

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NVCA has worked hard in 2017 to make the United States a friendlier place to immigrant entrepreneurs.  The venture industry knows first-hand the many incredible contributions of foreign-born entrepreneurs, like how more than half of U.S. “unicorns” were started by immigrants, or that one-third of U.S. venture-backed companies that went public between 2006 and 2012… Read more »

An Unforced Error for Job Creation

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an entrepreneur comes to the United States from her home country with dreams of growing an idea into a blockbuster company. The entrepreneur starts the company here because of our culture of innovation and risk-taking, coupled with robust financing options and the world’s best universities. Working shoulder-to-shoulder… Read more »

Ensuring a Vibrant Medical Innovation Ecosystem

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Venture capital’s contribution to the technology and Internet sectors are well understood, with VC partnering with the founders of iconic brands like Facebook, Uber, and Netflix.  What is not as well understood is how venture is tackling the world’s deadliest diseases and afflictions through the patient investment of capital in life science startups.  A prominent… Read more »