Venture Forward

What is Venture Forward?

Venture Forward is a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit launched by NVCA, which drives the human capital, culture, values, and narrative of venture capital to promote a strong and inclusive community that will fuel the economy of tomorrow. Venture Forward is focused on shaping the future of venture capital by offering programming, data and research, and resources that are empowering the ecosystem’s ability to thrive. 

Venture Forward’s efforts revolve around four key areas of focus: 

  • DE&I: Advancing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive ecosystem (example initiative: LP Office Hours);
  • Education: Educating a new generation of VC investors to equip them with the tools to succeed, and informing the general public about the role of VC on the US economy (example initiative: VC University);
  • Research & Data: Conducting and sharing meaningful research on VC trends and impact (example initiative: Human Capital Survey); and
  • History: Capturing the rich history of the industry and distilling its insights to shape the future (example initiative: Oral History Collection at CHM).

The future of our industry is dependent on investing in and addressing these needs today.