Here’s What You Missed at LP Office Hours in Boston

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We created the VentureForward initiative last year with the goal of expanding opportunities for people of all backgrounds to thrive in the venture ecosystem. We believe that education and powerful relationships can increase representation of women, minorities, immigrants, and other underrepresented groups. That’s why we’ve partnered with Greenspring Associates to provide an opportunity for diverse… Read more »

Two VC Powerhouses Face off in the World Series

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With the start of the World Series this week, where the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox duke it out for the biggest bragging rights in baseball, we thought it would be fun to do a quick rundown of the venture ecosystems for these two U.S. startup powerhouses. Slack, social media, and water cooler-talk… Read more »

The PitchBook-NVCA Partnership Turns One

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the PitchBook-NVCA partnership! It’s been a fantastic first year of getting to know the capabilities of the PitchBook Platform and the expertise of the PitchBook team, as we’ve taken NVCA’s research and data offerings to the next level. See below (and click around) for some of the highlights over… Read more »

A Summer Start in San Francisco

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At the start of the summer, I moved to San Francisco with NVCA to establish a full-time presence for our organization here. The journey West has brought me back to the place I called home for six years before my four-year stint in DC, but more importantly it’s been the start of a new chapter… Read more »

Reflecting on 2016: Five Takeaways from the Q4 2016 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor

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Earlier this month, we released the Q4 2016 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor, a review of the U.S. venture capital ecosystem’s fourth quarter and year-end trends for 2016.  Between the Presidential inauguration, meetings with the Trump transition team, and various other industry data releases, it has been a busy start to 2017 for NVCA.  So in case… Read more »

VC Research Spotlight: How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?

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What’s the secret sauce for venture capital investing?  Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer, but it’s not surprising that the topic has piqued the interest of a number of academics.  A recently-released Stanford University Graduate School of Business paper – “How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?” – assesses the VC decision making process to better understand… Read more »

A Busy Year for Venture Capital: NVCA’s 2016 Yearbook Review

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  We’re excited to release the 2016 NVCA Yearbook! While the thought of a “yearbook” may bring back painful memories of awkward high school photos, the NVCA Yearbook features statistics and insights on the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and further highlights the key role of industry data in quantifying the powerful economic force that is venture capital.

Super Tuesday Ecosystems: Examining venture investment in each of the 13 Super Tuesday primary states

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If it’s Tuesday, it’s primary day somewhere.  But this isn’t just any primary day, it’s Super Tuesday!  Today, voters in 13 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming) will cast ballots for their preferred candidate in the Democratic and Republican primaries. As we recently detailed in our… Read more »