We Want YOU to Help us Understand the Current State of Human Capital in VC

In today’s world, having good, trusted data and using it effectively is a key component of running a successful company, VC firm, or practically any other type of organization. Good data is that important.

That creed is just as applicable when it comes to efforts to improve opportunity for underrepresented groups in the venture industry and build more innovative and collaborative teams. We at NVCA believe that in order to create informed solutions, we must understand the current state of the workforce and benchmark that against our findings from 2016. Having reliable, fresh data on the composition of the venture industry is greatly needed to continue to monitor our progress and identify areas to improve diversity and inclusion in our community.

That is why we need your venture firm to complete the 2018 NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey. The survey will capture data on the workforce demographics and human capital strategies at active U.S. VC firms from across the industry. Regardless of the size, location, or current demographics of your firm, we need your firm to participate to help us reach a representative, statistically valid, benchmark of the industry.

Since NVCA and Deloitte’s first iteration of the survey in 2016, we’ve seen increased attention and urgency to the need for a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem. We want you to be part of the change, and hope you’ll help us to measure progress in the industry by completing the 2018 survey.

We strongly urge every VC reading this to make sure that their firm completes the survey. The survey and instructions have been sent to your firm. We only need one survey submitted per firm. Please make sure someone at your firm is working to complete it by the November 2nd deadline.

Only with your help can we shape a more inclusive and competitive venture industry. We look forward to your participation and sharing the results of the survey with you!

Note: All survey responses will remain confidential. Names of firms or individuals participating will not be disclosed, and survey results will only appear in an aggregated and non-identifying form. For questions regarding the 2018 NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey, please contact ventureforward@nvca.org.