What is VentureForward?

NVCA is committed to expanding opportunities for men and women of all backgrounds to thrive in the venture ecosystem and ensuring everyone who works in this ecosystem has a welcoming professional culture and safe work environment, free from any type of harassment, abuse, and discrimination.

As part of this commitment, NVCA’s VentureForward initiative is the next chapter of our diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts, focused on:

  • Providing education and training related to D&I, HR, and harassment to VC firms and startups.
  • Sharing D&I, HR, and harassment best practices and policies for VC firms and startups to adopt.
  • Creating an online hub for sharing information and resources on D&I, talent management and recruitment, and HR for everyone in the venture ecosystem to access.
  • Connecting VCs with a broader talent pool for their firms and a broader pool of entrepreneurs seeking funding.
  • Conducting research on D&I in the venture ecosystem.


NVCA—with the help of our members, Industry Partners, and others in the venture ecosystem—has compiled a number of resources for venture capital firms and startups to reference and adopt to address harassment and promote a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem.

We will continue to review and add/update these. We encourage you to share your questions, concerns, or other feedback with us, get involved, and let us know how you’ve taken action via ventureforward@nvca.org.

NVCA Sample Code of Conduct and Resources for Addressing Harassment

NVCA Resources for Promoting a More Diverse & Inclusive Venture Ecosystem