Advances in digital avionics over the past 20 years have almost exclusively focused on commercial aviation and large, expensive aircraft in business aviation. Globally, several hundred thousand pilots in general aviation continued to use mechanical avionics instruments that were expensive to maintain and less reliable, simply because the digital alternatives were too expensive for them to afford. Aspen created a market by using the most current electronic technology, combined with a unique form factor, to reduce the overall purchase and installation cost of electronic instrumentation. Due to Aspen_s success in the retrofit avionics industry, other manufacturers have decreased the prices on their products to compete. The result is that nearly all of general aviation can now realize the enhanced safety and reliability that electronic flight information (EFIS) technology brings to the cockpit, both of which were previously only available to larger aircraft.

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    Electronics and Instrumentation
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    Granite Ventures, NMSIC Co-Investment Fund, N.M. Co-Investment Partners, Wasatch Venture Fund, vSpring Capital, Fort Washington Capital, New Mexico Community Capital
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