Tune into the NEW Venture Capitol podcast!

We are excited to announce that NVCA has launched its first-ever podcast and we hope you will tune in! It’s called the Venture Capitol podcast, and that’s Capitol with an “O” as in Capitol Hill where we focus a great deal of attention on advocating for America’s startup ecosystem.

Why did we decide to do a podcast?

We wanted another way to communicate, educate, support and maybe even entertain folks in the venture industry, as well as lawmakers on Capitol Hill and across the country. This podcast will give listeners a unique look at public policy priorities, premier research, and industry initiatives through the eyes of America’s venture capitalists.

As host of the show, I will be interviewing expert guests from the VC industry as well as policymakers to talk about the issues that are important to our nation’s startup ecosystem, and highlight how the VC industry has a dynamic impact on America’s economy and job creation.

Our 1st Episode

We are excited to bring you the very first episode of the Venture Capitol podcast! Our first episode features our Venture Forward Executive Director Maryam Haque. She and I discuss the important work that is being done to make our industry more diverse. You will also hear from a rising star in the venture industry. We hope you enjoy the podcast and will share it with your friends!

Here at NVCA, we believe investing in tomorrow starts with smart policies today. Click below to listen to our 1st episode.

Also listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to great podcasts.

Bobby Franklin