Rhianon Anderson Senior Programs Director, Venture Forward

Rhianon Anderson serves as the Senior Programs Director for Venture Forward, a nonprofit launched by NVCA to support the US venture capital ecosystem. She works on efforts to expand diversity, equity and inclusion, and to ensure that members of the VC community have access to the support and resources they need to thrive.

Before joining Venture Forward, Rhianon spent several years working on program operations for Girls Who Code, a nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in the tech sector. At Girls Who Code, she oversaw nationwide efforts to ensure high-quality program delivery, and to scale programs that served tens of thousands of students.

Previously, Rhianon served as the Director of the Congressional App Challenge, a bipartisan congressional initiative aimed at expanding STEM education opportunities across the country. As the program’s founding Director, she launched and oversaw the execution of more than 240 challenges in congressional districts across 33 states.

Rhianon received her Master’s in Public Policy from UC Los Angeles. She specialized in tech policy and spent a year researching economic development mechanisms to support the growth of LA’s startup community. During her time at UCLA, she also worked for the Luskin Center for Innovation, researching conditions faced by women and other underrepresented demographic groups within the tech community.


  • Venture Forward
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Fun Facts About Rhianon

  • Lived in 3 different countries
  • Family had a pet llama growing up
  • Serves on a competitive trivia team