Member Spotlight: Fin Capital

Welcome to our Member Spotlight series where we profile the exciting work of our member firms. For this deep dive, we spoke to Logan Allin, Managing Partner & Founder of Fin Capital to learn more about the firm.

Logan Allin, Managing Partner & Founder of Fin Capital

What makes your firm unique?

We are “FinTech Nerds with Capital” – all of us are former operators and bring decades of FinTech expertise to bear on a full life-cycle approach to investing in FinTech software from pre-seed to pre-IPO across three private fund strategies principally in the U.S. and UK/EU. As a growing team of 25, we bring a formal operating playbook in supporting our founders, driven by business and corporate development. We are also a UN PRI signatory and integrate ESG metrics into our company evaluation and ongoing reporting.  

What defines your portfolio?

We are broadly diversified in FinTech software, including embedded finance, asset management/capital markets, CFO Tech Stack, Blockchain/Web 3, InsurTech, and Infrastructure/Enabling Tech. We only back repeat founders focused on greenfields in FinTech software. We’re approaching 100 companies spanning all stages and diversified geographies, and our founders are deeply passionate about their thesis while also considering ESG principles and a durable long–term business model.

Tell us about the current VC landscape in your geography/region.

We are unique in our b2b/software orientation vs. b2c and b2smb oriented investors, but we find it to be highly collaborative given how challenging this space can be. We’ve seen a massive “pull through” from Covid in accelerating digitization for the end customers our companies serve, including the banks, asset/wealth managers, insurers, and corporate tech players, who are all seeking to digitize and vertically integrate further financial services/products. We are also seeing new geographies emerge with maturity in this space, such as LatAm, where we are making some early investments. Broadly, we’re seeing public market “knock–on” effects in late/growth equity stages, where multiple compression is an opportunity to play offense while ensuring the existing portfolio is healthy.  

 What are the benefits of being an NVCA member?

We love the community and connectivity that NVCA fosters, along with the programming, data, insights, and opportunity to shape policy, particularly as an investor in a heavily regulated space.  NVCA members-only peer groups are a significant value-add as well.

What’s ahead for your firm in 2022?

2022 is all about execution for us, having raised our 2nd cycle of funds last year. We’re deploying the capital we have into a decelerating valuation environment, being thoughtful about pacing, while being hands-on with our existing portfolio in ensuring runway discipline and driving operating value on business and corporate development, talent sourcing, and product/pricing support. We look forward to networking further with the NVCA community, helping lend our voice to policy advocacy, and hopefully recover on the macro!  

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