Bessemer Venture Partners is searching for a Community Manager to support our growing Platform and Community team.

In this role, you will report to our VP of Platform and Community. You will interact directly with some of the brightest entrepreneurs and investors, helping our Bessemer portfolio companies grow faster and more effectively. 

We are a scrappy team with high ambition. Over the next 12 to 24 months, we plan to launch a series of innovative and industry-defining programs to serve our advisor and CEO communities, and you will play an instrumental role in the development and running of these programs. 

As the Community Manager, you will work closely with the entire Community team on designing and executing said programs. You will assist the broader team with building internal and external tooling to power our projects and regularly track and report on key KPIs. 

You will also curate and manage our budding community of CXOs. This includes growing and nurturing our highly active communities of C-Level portfolio leaders (CXOs), across sales, finance, marketing, tech, product, pricing, talent, HR, and customer success. You will generate discussion around relevant topics, participate in developing tactical workshops and networking events, and make essential connections to help our CXOs solve critical pain points.

A key area of focus in your first few months in the role will be to design and implement a comprehensive communications plan to keep our key stakeholders informed on new products and services on the community team.

This is a full-time position. The right candidate for this role is highly analytical and excited to optimize business processes and manage large-scale projects for key stakeholders. 

We are open to considering candidates in London as we continue to grow our team and presence in Europe, but we strongly prefer candidates based in New York City or the San Francisco Bay Area. 

This position is ideal for someone who has less than five years of work experience in a corporate environment.

In this role, you will: 

  • Oversee engagement and communication across our various CXO platforms
  • Manage onboarding and offboarding of new community members, including gifting and entry/exit surveys 
  • Work closely with our VP Platform & Head of Community on improving and expanding our CEO and Operating Advisor programming
  • Assist our Senior Event Manager with relevant event logistics
  • Closely track and report on key KPIs and Metrics 
  • Be directly involved in strategic tracking of value across the portfolio 

In this role, your benefits will be:

  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits including medical, dental, and vision 
  • PTO and family leave
  • Retirement plan
  • Commuter benefits

How to apply:

Please fill out our short questionnaire and be ready to upload your resume or link to your Linkedin profile. Applicants that fit the role profile will hear back from us shortly, and in the meantime, we’re excited to speak with you.  

About Bessemer Venture Partners:

Bessemer Venture Partners helps entrepreneurs lay strong foundations to build and forge long-standing companies. With more than 135 IPOs and 200 portfolio companies in the enterprise, consumer, and healthcare spaces, Bessemer supports founders and CEOs from their early days through every stage of growth.

Bessemer’s global portfolio includes Pinterest, Shopify, Twilio, Yelp, LinkedIn, PagerDuty, DocuSign, Wix, Fiverr, and Toast and has $19 billion of capital under management. Bessemer has investors and partners located in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, London, Boston, Beijing, and Bangalore.