New Enhanced Model Term Sheet v2.0

Over 100,000 venture transactions analyzed, giving investors and entrepreneurs unprecedented market insights and deal term benchmarking.

June 2, 2021

Contact: Sabrina Fang
Phone: 703-283-2091

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) today released a new Enhanced Model Term Sheet v2.0, in partnership with Aumni, an investment analytics company. This update is the product of the largest aggregate analysis of private venture deal term data conducted to date. The Enhanced Model Term Sheet 2.0, which allows an investor to draft term sheets while comparing terms against market benchmarks, is powered by a database that now includes more than 100,000 venture transactions, representing over 40,000 investors with a combined network of over $1 trillion in assets under management. Version 2.0 can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

In July 2020, NVCA and Aumni partnered to provide extensive market insights into venture financings by extracting terms directly from tens of thousands of executed legal agreements. Leveraging anonymized and benchmarked data, NVCA and Aumni integrated term-specific analysis into the industry’s most popular model legal document: the term sheet. The result was the Enhanced Model Term Sheet v1.0, which detailed the usage and frequency of specific terms found in the model document.

The NVCA’s initial collaboration with Aumni offered the venture community access to data and insights at unprecedented depth and breadth. “With the new Enhanced Model Term Sheet v2.0, we’ve expanded the initial vision of our partnership by twofold,” said Jeff Farrah, General Counsel of the NVCA. “The Enhanced Model Term Sheet v2.0 will democratize access to key insights, helping venture investors as they partner with entrepreneurs to build new companies. With significant growth in global VC investment, access to actionable analytics has never been more critical for the private market.”

“Due to the overwhelming, positive response from the venture community, including founders, investors, and many other stakeholders, we decided to nearly double the number of deal term insights in the new version 2.0,” said Kelsey Chase, co-founder, and president of Aumni. “We’re proud to elevate this offering with Aumni’s technology and human expertise and provide it to NVCA’s extensive network and the entire venture ecosystem as a whole.”

“Staying current with the latest market trends in deal-making is table stakes for venture firms,” said Abigail Johnson, chief operating officer at Sapphire Ventures. “The Enhanced Model Term Sheet v1.0 provided legal and economic insights that the industry has never seen before. Now with version 2.0, NVCA and Aumni are taking it to another level.”

To get started, users can visit and download the Enhanced Model Term Sheet v2.0 for free. The Microsoft Word document contains hyperlinked deal terms that users can click to immediately view the market analysis for that term.


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