NVCA Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week, NVCA will join the world in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week. Entrepreneurship energizes America’s spirit and its economy – permeating all of its industries, technologies, products, services and geographies.  It’s not hyperbole to say that venture capital would not exist without entrepreneurs and the innovative companies they build. In turn, venture plays a unique and crucial role in empowering entrepreneurs through providing funding and other resources, insights into how to build and scale their companies, experienced hands to guide them through business challenges, and connections to strategic partners and other valuable contacts.

In recognition of this special symbiosis between entrepreneurs and VCs, each day this week NVCAccess will feature a guest blog post by an NVCA member that provides insights into common issues that entrepreneurs face. Our thanks go out to Sharon Wienbar (Scale Venture Partners), Adam Marcus (Open View Venture Partners), Brad Feld (Foundry Group), Adam D’Augelli (True Ventures), and Phin Barnes (First Round Capital) for sharing their guidance. Their posts will appear under the title, “Entrepreneur’s Corner,” and feature the GEW logo. While they will represent just a small slice of the dialogue that occurs daily between entrepreneurs and VCs, we hope that these guest posts can serve as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs – or anyone else, for that matter – looking to understand the process of building innovative startups better.

Global Entrepreneurship Week runs from Nov. 18-22.