NVCA Urges the White House Office of Science and Technology to Foster Innovation in Capital-Intensive Sectors

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Emily Baker

This week, NVCA submitted our comments to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Economic Council (NEC) on their updates to the 2009 Strategy for American Innovation, a comprehensive set of goals to advance innovation in the U.S.

We are committed to advancing public policies to support the growth of innovative new companies that are the foundation of a vibrant, prosperous U.S. economy. Despite the rise of incubators, crowdfunding, corporate venture capital, along with traditional venture capital, there remain considerable challenges for new companies in capital-intensive sectors such as life sciences, advanced materials and clean energy.  In these sectors, in particular, the government has a critical role to play in fostering an environment for increased investment and innovation through tax and regulatory policies. (more…)

Advancing Reforms to Spur U.S. Medical Innovation

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Kelly Slone

NVCA Provides Public Policy Recommendations to House Committee on Energy and Commerce to Address Current Challenges Hindering Medical Innovation 

The U.S. venture capital industry has always played a critical role in advancing medical innovation through investment in the life sciences industry, which includes biopharmaceutical, medical technology and diagnostics companies. The life sciences industry has revolutionized healthcare worldwide by preventing or curing serious conditions like influenza and cancer, and transforming once fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS into manageable chronic conditions. (more…)

Startup Day Across America Will Highlight The Scale of Opportunity and Innovation Across the U.S.

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Bobby Franklin

Tremendous opportunity exists for innovators across the U.S. to transform and improve the most basic ways we live, work and play. The convergence of accessible, affordable technologies and the development of new resources for entrepreneurs has made it easier than ever to start a company. High-growth startups are driving change across all sectors of the economy, sparking new life within entrenched industries such as transportation, biotechnology, healthcare and hospitality and, in some cases, spurring the growth of new industries.

On August 5th, Members of Congress will participate in Startup Day Across America to connect with the entrepreneurs that represent the backbone of the nation’s innovation ecosystem. The Congressional Caucus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 1776, Engine Advocacy and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) have worked together to organize the 2nd Annual Startup Day to showcase entrepreneurship through a series of nationwide events and to ensure the voices of the newest, youngest companies are heard. (more…)

NVCA provides key data and, more importantly, the context

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Ben Veghte

Conner Forrest of TechRepublic published an article today, How 2014 could become the year of the startup, making the case that we could see a strong year for startups due to a rise in venture capital investment and exits through mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings.

Our most recent quarterly PwC/NVCA MoneyTree™ Report based on data provided by Thomson Reuters reported that in the first quarter of 2014, venture capital activity increased from the previous quarter with $9.5 billion invested in 951 deals. (more…)

Why It Matters That Rupert Murdoch Joined the Push for Immigration Reform

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Emily Baker

The much-talked about Wall Street Journal piece from Rupert Murdoch on the urgent need to pass immigration reform shines a bright light on the need for Congress to come together and act. While Murdoch is one of many, many voices championing this issue, his piece stands in contrast to the cacophony of voices who are sending immigration reform to the legislative graveyard.

Murdoch’s voice is important because he makes one point crystal clear: Immigration reform is not dead. As a nation we cannot pass on this opportunity to reform our immigration system because the engine of the U.S. economy—innovation and entrepreneurship—depends on the foreign-born entrepreneurs who come to America to build new businesses. (more…)

Reflections from a New NVCA Chairman

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Scott Sandell

As I begin my term serving as the 2014-2015 Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), I wanted to use this first blog post as an opportunity to provide the venture community with my outlook on the coming year and discuss NVCA’s role as a resource, champion and unifying force for our dynamic industry. Along with our newly elected board and the NVCA staff, I am looking forward to serving our members in the coming year, as well as the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem our industry supports. (more…)

Recapping an Active Week in Washington

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Bobby Franklin

There is immense opportunity in America today to build new technologies, services and products that shape the world. One of our key priorities at NVCA is ensuring America remains a country where the new ideas can flourish and long-term investment in innovation is rewarded. But, an environment that supports entrepreneurship and investment in new ideas cannot be taken for granted.

An economy where innovation can thrive must be carefully cultivated. Everyone in the innovation economy—venture capital investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, policymakers, corporations, incubators, service providers and others—has a role to play in advocating for the policies and regulations that provide pathways for innovators to bring new technologies and services to market. Right now, innovators are at a crossroads. If our government can’t bring simplicity and transparency to the regulatory system, America risks losing the entrepreneurs and those who invest in new ideas to Europe, Australia and Asia. (more…)

NVCA Participates in 2014 Energy Datapalooza Event at White House

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Emily Baker

Last week, I attended the 2014 Energy Datapalooza event hosted at the White House, a gathering of innovators who are using the power of data to build the clean energy economy.  Several venture-backed companies were part of the technology showcase and exhibited at the event, highlighting novel technologies aimed at energy efficiency, utility load management and a myriad of other challenges in the energy sector.

At the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), we believe that the government can and should be a trusted partner in helping the private sector adopt innovative technologies that will help spur the growth of the next generation of energy companies. (more…)

Announcing the Launch of NVCA SmartBrief

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Ben Veghte

At NVCA, we spend every day working to empower our members and the entrepreneurs they fund by advocating for policies that encourage innovation and reward long-term investment.

In order to keep you updated on all the important things we are working on to strengthen the startup ecosystem as well as arm you with the latest industry news and data, today we launched NVCA SmartBrief, a daily e-newsletter focused on the key policies and trends that can cause tectonic shifts across the innovation landscape. (more…)

Recapping VentureScape 2014

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Bobby Franklin

When I boarded my flight for San Francisco to attend VentureScape 2014, I was brimming with excitement, anticipation and, yes, I’ll admit, a little nervousness.  Despite having had the privilege of speaking with and meeting hundreds folks in the venture community during my first nine months with NVCA, this was going to be my first opportunity as President & CEO to gather with everyone at the industry’s premier annual gathering.

Alongside outgoing NVCA Chairman Josh Green, current NVCA Chairman Scott Sandell, VentureScape 2014 Chairman Venky Ganesan and many other active board members, we worked to create a dynamic, productive and high-impact event that would live up to expectations. This was a tall order knowing how successful last year’s event was with the re-brand and re-launch of the NVCA annual meeting to bring us what we now know as VentureScape.   (more…)