Where Does Venture Capital Reach?

The U.S. venture capital (VC) industry has witnessed steady growth in recent years, with increases in the number of VC funds and assets under management. In 2016, data shows 898 venture firms in existence, managing 1,562 active venture funds and translating to approximately $333 billion in U.S. venture capital assets under management, according to the latest NVCA Yearbook. This growth has coincided with demand from high-growth startups across the U.S. who increasingly look to VC firms for working capital and strategic guidance to develop their innovative products and services.

Take a look at the interactive dashboard below to see where in the U.S. venture capital reached last year. See how many venture-backed companies in your state, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), or Congressional District received funding in 2016, and how much capital they raised to grow their startups.

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