NVCA Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week, NVCA joins in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week and the people around the world who foster innovation and build ideas into companies. The entrepreneurial spirit is a force for economic development, creativity, increasing efficiencies, job creation and innovation. Across geographies, there are a few traits that can be found in entrepreneurs worldwide – a passion to tackle a challenge they perceive in the world, a desire to build something new and a willingness to take risks to see their vision through.

From Algeria to Zimbabwe, the new companies emerging are as diverse as they are numerous.  Whether entrepreneurs are finding ways to increase efficiencies in agriculture, manufacturing, or renewable energy, or building software that transforms entire industries, the singularity of each solution points to the influential role the surrounding environment plays in shaping innovation. As with politics, entrepreneurship is local. In any given region, it is the ecosystem—local industry, universities, transportation and infrastructure, and public policies—that fosters an environment where entrepreneurs can solve big problems by leveraging the local talent pool and available resources.

In support of Global Entrepreneurship Week, NVCA will explore the diversity of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem through a series of interviews with leaders on three different continents. We give our thanks to the leaders of the Durban Innovation Hub in Durban, South Africa, the Catalyzer Startup Accelerator in Hyderabad, India and the Impact Hub in Barcelona, Spain who are shaping the future of global innovation and generously shared their stories with us. Stay tuned for more throughout the week.

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