Capital under management is defined as all funds raised less any fully liquidated funds.  Membership dues for SBICs are calculated based on private capital raised.  Corporate venture capitalists investing off the balance sheet pay an annual flat fee of $10,000.

Capital Under Management (E) Dues Payment
$1M – $4.9M $1,500$2,205*
$5M – $99M $2,250$7,950*
$100M – $199M $8,000$9,584*
$200M – $999M $13,500$21,490*
$1B – $1.999B $25,000$29,995*
$2B – $3.3B $39,500 Flat Fee
$3.4B or greater $43,250 Flat Fee

*Membership dues are calculated using a formula against capital under management.

We estimate that 45% of your dues will be used for lobbying and is not deductible because of recent changes in federal tax law.