The unintended consequences of patent reform

By Bobby Franklin

If you were able to join us for VentureScape 2015 in May, you likely heard a lot of discussion about patent reform. The issue is receiving a tremendous amount of attention in Washington and has been identified as one of the few areas where President Obama and congressional Republicans can find common ground.

Because many of our members invest in patent-dependent startups, NVCA has been on the frontlines of the debate in Congress and actively engaging with lawmakers to strike the right balance of curbing abusive behavior by patent trolls and other bad actors while also protecting the rights of patent-reliant startups that depend on strong patent protections to ensure their survival. (more…)

VC perspective: Previewing my term as NVCA Chairman

By Jon Callaghan

It was a tremendous honor to be named Chairman of the NVCA Board of Directors at VentureScape 2015 last month in San Francisco. My predecessors represent some of the biggest leaders in venture capital, and I’m incredibly humbled to follow in their footsteps. As I assume this new position, I want to share with you my views of venture capital’s role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in the U.S. I also want to provide insight into how I’m approaching my term as NVCA Chairman in the hopes that we can align on a shared focus for the year. (more…)

Our most effective advocacy tool: The venture capitalist

By Bobby Franklin

Standing as the frontline advocate of the venture industry and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem in our nation’s capital is a non-stop affair involving many tools and resources. From our in-house policy and communications teams to our outside consultants and various research partners, we have many tools at our disposal. And while each of these tools is very effective in its own way, the one tool we find most valuable is you: The venture capitalist. (more…)

Considering the implications of tax reform

By Bobby Franklin

Like clockwork, with each new Congress comes a renewed push to embark on a wholesale rewrite of our nation’s tax code. Sure enough, the start of the 114th Congress is proving no different. Not only did President Obama outline his priorities for tax reform in his State of the Union Address in January and followed up with his budget proposal in February, but the Senate Finance Committee announced the formation of five bipartisan working groups to develop concepts for a tax reform proposal. (more…)

What the election results mean for venture capital

By Bobby Franklin

Since Election Day, many have opined on what the results of the midterm elections mean for the future of our country.

Republicans outperformed expectations at the federal and state levels, winning an historic margin in the House, capturing the majority in the Senate, and gaining 31 state governorships. While it’s worth noting the party that controls the White House typically loses seats in the midterms, especially those that occur during the incumbent president’s sixth year in office, the electorate sent a message for change. (more…)

The state of venture is strong

By Bobby Franklin

Flipping through the pages of Venture Capital Journal in recent months you’d be hard pressed not to walk away encouraged by the state of venture.

The fundraising environment has been gaining steam as more and more LPs return to the asset class, the IPO market for venture-backed companies is stronger than it has been in years, and the venture community is investing in innovative companies that are disrupting entrenched industries and, in some cases, creating new industries altogether. (more…)

Addressing the challenges in medical innovation

By Bobby Franklin

A big part of National Venture Capital Association’s role as the flagship trade association of the venture capital industry is to tell the venture story in Washington, D.C., and connect the dots for policymakers so that they understand the unique and irreplaceable role venture plays in the innovation economy. (more…)