Strong year for Biotech IPOs Spurs Optimism for 2014

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Kelly Slone

As the flood of 2013 recaps and 2014 predictions begins to recede, one storyline continues to spur optimism among venture capitalists: the continued improvement in the venture-backed IPO market. In no sector was this trend more notable than in biotechnology.  With 42 IPOs, biotech provided nearly half of the venture-backed total in 2013. In fact, 2013 saw more biotech IPOs than the last five years combined.

Many factors impact the exit environment for venture-backed companies in a given year. But we believe that two NVCA policy initiatives in 2012 helped pave the way for biotech’s resurgence in 2013. The first is the JOBS Act of 2012, which aimed to ease the cost and regulatory burdens faced by small, innovative startups looking to go public. This past year, the average biotech IPO raised $83 million, which is exactly the type of offering that the JOBS Act’s On-Ramp was designed to enable. (more…)

NVCA Sponsors Mobile Medical App Roadshow

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Kelly Slone

Since the day the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published its final guidance on mobile medical apps last September, app developers have been trying to determine how the FDA guidance impacts their particular apps and business plans. Now, a consortium of six leading universities, more than a dozen industry trade associations and professional societies – including NVCA, and the FDA are poised to help developers do just that through a series of educational programs called “MMA Roadshow:  Managing App Development under FDA Regulation.” (more…)

Hannah Veith Joins NVCA as Director of Business Development

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Janice Mawson

The National Venture Capital Association is pleased to announce that Hannah Veith has joined the association as its director of business development. Hannah is responsible for cultivating relationships with business partners and growing non-dues revenue for the association. Her duties include managing NVCA’s preferred provider listing, as well as sponsorship opportunities for the association’s website, member directory, monthly newsletter and special events – including VentureScape, the NVCA’s annual meeting. (more…)

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Three Magic Numbers

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Global Entrepreneurship Week
Guest blog post by Brad Feld, Foundry Group

Every company I’m involved in keeps track of numbers. Daily numbers, weekly numbers, monthly numbers. Ultimately, all the numbers translate into three financial statements – the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. While these numbers are sacrosanct in the accounting and finance professions, they are lagging indicators for most startup companies. Important, but they tell the story of the past, not what is going on right now. (more…)

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Your Board Can Suck or It Can Be Great — It’s Up to You

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Global Entrepreneurship Week
Guest blog post by Adam Marcus, Open View Venture Partners

It’s no secret that many CEOs aren’t big fans of their BODs, which they see more as distractions than sources of value.

Even seasoned CEOs who have managed to assemble a valuable team of advisors and mentors sometimes struggle with board management. They’re not sure how often to communicate with them, how involved they should allow board members to be, or in which areas the board could provide the most value. (more…)

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Your Secret Decoder Ring for VC Speak

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Global Entrepreneurship Week
Guest blog post by Sharon Wienbar,Scale Venture Partners

While Some Believe VC Questions Are Off-Base, Realize That There’s a Method to Our Madness

As an entrepreneur with big dreams and a killer idea, walking into an investor meeting can be a bit of a reality check. VCs aren’t just going to fall over and swoon about your huge vision.

To sell VCs on your billion-dollar idea, you are going to get a cornucopia of questions thrown your way. Most questions dig into four issues for a company: market, strategy, financials and team. (more…)

NVCA Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

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Bobby Franklin

GEW_logoThis week, NVCA will join the world in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week. Entrepreneurship energizes America’s spirit and its economy – permeating all of its industries, technologies, products, services and geographies.  It’s not hyperbole to say that venture capital would not exist without entrepreneurs and the innovative companies they build. In turn, venture plays a unique and crucial role in empowering entrepreneurs through providing funding and other resources, insights into how to build and scale their companies, experienced hands to guide them through business challenges, and connections to strategic partners and other valuable contacts. (more…)

Venture-Backed Innovation Thrives Across the U.S.

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Bobby Franklin

As an Arkansas native, I’ve learned an important rule of thumb for visiting cities like Chicago: Get there before it gets cold. I don’t think I accomplished that last week when I blew into the Windy City as part of my nationwide NVCA “listen and learn” tour. But I certainly appreciated the warm reception I received from the Illinois Venture Capital Association. (more…)

Moving More EGCs from the On-Ramp to IPOs

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Jennifer Connell Dowling

This past Monday, NVCA participated in the release of a new report aimed at improving access to public capital for startups and emerging growth companies. Entitled “From the On-Ramp to the Freeway: Refueling Job Creation and Growth by Reconnecting Investors with Small-Cap Companies,” the report follows up on the 2011 efforts of the IPO Task Force, whose “Rebuilding the IPO On-Ramp” report helped lead to the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012., NVCA Board Director Scott Kupor (Andreessen Horowitz) served as co-Chair of the new task force, while I provided policy guidance. (more…)

TRANSFER Act Aims to Aid Tech Transfer between Labs and Startups

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Emily Baker

Throughout its history, NVCA has strongly supported the allocation of federal funds for research at universities, nonprofit research institutes and federal laboratories. That’s because America’s entrepreneurs often take the groundbreaking discoveries generated in these settings today and turn them into the life-saving and life-changing products of tomorrow. However, this process can only take place if the innovative breakthrough is transferred successfully from the lab to a startup that can develop it and bring it to market. (more…)