VCs Advocate for Startup Policy at VCs-to-DC

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Jeff Farrah

As the entrepreneurial ecosystem and D.C. continue to intersect more and more, it’s crucial that VCs and startups engage with policymakers on policies and ideas that impact America’s startup industry.

Recently, NVCA brought the ecosystem and D.C. together at our annual VCs-to-DC event. VCs-to-DC convened VCs, founders, and policymakers in our nation’s capital to take part in conversations on policy issues to strengthen the U.S. startup environment. (more…)

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss VCs-to-DC

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Jeff Farrah

Less than three weeks away, VCs-to-DC is the annual policy summit that convenes venture investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to take part in conversations on policy issues to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

VCs-to-DC provides must-see content to understand how Washington is impacting venture and startups.

Here are 5 big reasons you should come to VCs-to-DC on June 5 and 6:

The Inaugural VC University LIVE is in the Midwest – Here’s Why

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Maryam Haque

In January, NVCA and Startup@BerkeleyLaw announced a new educational program with two components called VC University, with the goal of democratizing access to education on venture finance in startup ecosystems across the country. The first component—an online certificate program—has gotten off to a successful start. The first cohort began on April 1 with almost 100 participants. Given the overwhelming demand, we’re also planning a second cohort to start on September 1, 2019. (more…)

Trailblazers of Venture Capital: Preserving the Rich History of Industry Leaders

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Maryam Haque

NVCA and the Computer History Museum (CHM) co-hosted a special breakfast event last Thursday morning at CHM, where we announced a new partnership between NVCA and CHM and honored and celebrated several trailblazers of venture capital.

Through NVCA’s new partnership with CHM announced last week, a rich set of transcripts of 17 venture industry luminaries that have been compiled over the past fifteen years by NVCA is now available through the new NVCA Oral History Collection at CHM. We’re thrilled to feature these 17 pioneers of the industry in this Collection: (more…)

VC University: Democratizing Education on Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital

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Maryam Haque

Are you a new or aspiring entrepreneur looking to demystify the world of venture finance?

Are you thinking of starting a venture fund or did you recently take the (scary) plunge to raise a fund?

Are you generally curious about how venture finance works and what it takes to succeed?

Are you interested in learning more about the startup ecosystems and investment opportunities across the U.S. and engaging with investors or entrepreneurs in those markets?

If you answered yes to any of these, then VC University has you covered! (more…)

VC Industry Makes an Impact on Washington at VCs-to-DC

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Devin Miller

At a time when the startup ecosystem is intersecting more and more with policies coming out of Washington, it seems like an ideal time to bring venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers together to discuss the future of policy impacting America’s innovation industry.

Last week, NVCA did just that at VCs-to-DC. Our event brought together the entrepreneurial ecosystem and policy decision makers in Washington, D.C. to take part in conversations on policy issues to strengthen the U.S. startup ecosystem. (more…)

Exploring the Future of Impact Investing

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Christy Chin

At a time when the world’s problems seem more intractable – in light of the California wildfires and Las Vegas shooting – there is hope that social capital will be leveraged to address the climate change, poverty, access to healthcare and improving education. It certainly is a rising trend, as recent data shows that the impact investing market in the U.S. has a floor of $114 billion, although the actual market size is much larger.

While a critical mass of impact investors gathered in San Francisco for Social Capital Markets (SoCap), the world’s leading conference on impact investing and social enterprise, the NVCA seized the opportunity to bring participants in the venture ecosystem active in this space together to discuss its opportunities and challenges. Not surprisingly, the event attracted more than 70 attendees from a wide spectrum on the investing scale: both new and established, large and small venture capital firms, limited partners, entrepreneurs and foundations. (more…)

A Summer Start in San Francisco

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Maryam Haque

At the start of the summer, I moved to San Francisco with NVCA to establish a full-time presence for our organization here. The journey West has brought me back to the place I called home for six years before my four-year stint in DC, but more importantly it’s been the start of a new chapter and exciting time for NVCA to engage more closely with the venture ecosystem in the mecca of the industry.

Just one month in and I’ve already had the chance to meet with a range of VCs and startups. Some highlights from June:

SoftTechVC’s Summer Party was a warm welcome my first week in San Francisco, where I met founders at many SoftTech portfolio companies. (more…)

NVCA Provides Resources and Insights for New VCs

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Jessica Straus

Last week, NVCA held a digital class on Successful Fundraiser’s Philosophy: How Micro VCs Get Off the Ground & Succeed. With micro VC funds playing an important role in the startup lifecycle—micro VC funds closing in 2016 finished with $1.5 billion in commitments, according to PitchBook—NVCA and our members are an important resource for new fund managers who are getting off the ground and learning to navigate the fundraising process. The formation of new venture capital funds is critical to the future of innovation, and NVCA was pleased to be able to provide the ecosystem with tools and insights to help expand the VC community.

We began the webinar with an insider’s perspective from Cindy Padnos of Illuminate Ventures on how micro VC is evolving and what were some of the lessons that she learned from the process of raising her first institutional fund. Padnos described what it was like for her to launch a new VC firm, from Illuminate’s proof of concept fund, to how she brought in original investors and how the success of that fund helped her close Illuminate’s Fund 1 in 2013, from which Illuminate has made 15 investments and so far has had 3 M&A exits. (more…)

NVCA Brings VC and DC Together at Annual Meeting

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Ben Veghte

It has been one week since the venture capital community convened in Washington, D.C. at the 2017 NVCA Annual Meeting and everyone is still buzzing from the event and our new format.

We rewrote the script for this year’s event to focus exclusively on policy and direct engagement with policymakers to advance a pro-innovation agenda that supports new company creation. Crucial to that mission was moving the Annual Meeting to our nation’s capital. (more…)