We Want YOU to Help us Understand the Current State of Human Capital in VC

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In today’s world, having good, trusted data and using it effectively is a key component of running a successful company, VC firm, or practically any other type of organization. Good data is that important. That creed is just as applicable when it comes to efforts to improve opportunity for underrepresented groups in the venture industry… Read more »

New Resources for Addressing Sexual Harassment in the VC Industry

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Since last summer, the venture industry has come together to address sexual harassment in our ecosystem. The serious and sensitive nature of this topic led NVCA on a path of listening and learning; facilitating discussions and convening working groups; and developing much-needed resources for our industry. Our thorough and determined process led to yesterday’s release… Read more »

We’re Suing the Government over Immigration. Here’s Why.

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American entrepreneurship and immigration are deeply intertwined, and our community is thankful for the many contributions that immigrant entrepreneurs have brought to our country. The stats are astounding: immigrants have started more than half of America’s “unicorns;” one-third of U.S. venture-backed companies that went public between 2006 and 2012 had at least one immigrant founder;… Read more »

We want YOU to help us root out sexual harassment and create a safe and welcoming venture industry

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Four weeks have passed since news first broke of incidents of sexual harassment by a member of the venture community.  Since then, several other instances of inappropriate behavior involving individuals from our industry have come into the spotlight.  As much as it pains me to say this, this is probably not the end but the… Read more »

No Room for Harassment in our Industry

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In the past several days, the brave testimonials of Niniane Wang, Susan Ho, and Leiti Hsu have drawn a sharp focus on the unacceptable sexual harassment and misconduct of Justin Caldbeck. This behavior has no room in our industry and opened a critical discussion about how we can work together to make systemic changes to ensure that anyone… Read more »