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$244 Billion
the amount spent on R&D from VC-backed public companies in 2020, up from essentially zero in the 1970s
employment growth at VC-backed companies from 1990 to 2020 vs. 40% at total private sector
of VC-backed jobs are distributed broadly accross the entire U.S.
of the largest U.S. VC backed companies would not even exist or achieved their current scale without an active VC industry

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June 15, 2023

In light of the current headwinds across the capital markets landscape, private companies and their key stakeholders are facing significant and rapidly evolving funding challenges. As IPO, SPAC and merger activity remains subdued, it is as important as ever for private companies and their investors to optimize funding strategies while best positioning for the future.

Companies that are turning to the private capital markets are finding greater selectivity from investors, meaningful shifts in investor priorities, valuation resets, and the revival of structural protections for investors.

Join us for a panel discussion about how companies are navigating the realities of being private in today’s challenging environment, the key issues they are facing, and our outlook for the capital markets for the remainder of 2023 and beyond.