NVCA underwrites, encourages and publicizes research on issues important to venture capital and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Below are some examples of our most recent projects:


Patent Demands & Startup Companies: The View from the Venture Capital Community

NVCA partnered Robin Feldman, Professor Law and Director of the Institute for Innovation Law at University of California Hastings, to study the impact of patent demands against venture-backed startup companies. The study found that venture capitalists and startup CEOs overwhelming believe that patent demands have a negative impact on the venture-backed community, with all or most of those assertions coming from entities whose core activity involves licensing or litigating patents.

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American Made 2.0: How Immigrant Entrepreneurs Continue to Contribute to the U.S. Economy

Entrepreneurs are heroes of a market-based economy, driving innovating and job creation. This NVCA study shows if entrepreneurs are indeed heroes, then immigrant entrepreneurs have made heroic contributions to the American economy. The analysis concludes the contributions of immigrants to the United States would be even greater if Congress adopted the right policies on high skill immigration.

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2014 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey

In partnership with Deloitte, NVCA underwrites a global survey of venture capital investors to gauge their confidence in the global venture capital environment, market factors shaping industries and investments in specific geographies and industry sectors. In 2014, global investor confidence in the United States significantly increased for the third year in a row, driven by a combination of favorable capital markets, abundant investment opportunities in innovative companies and a strong investor climate.

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2016 NVCA Yearbook

The NVCA Yearbook is an annual comprehensive analysis of U.S. venture capital industry statistics. The publication includes metrics regarding commitments made to venture capital funds, venture capital investments into entrepreneurial companies and venture-backed exits (mergers and acquisitions as well as IPOs). It also includes appendices regarding portfolio company valuation guidelines, international accounting convergence and venture capital activity outside the United States.

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Patient Capital 3.0: Confronting the Crisis and Achieving the Promise of Venture-Backed Medical Innovation

This report describes how medical innovation occurs in the United States, the role that venture capital plays in driving it and the benefits it delivers to all of our citizens. It also examines the critical challenges venture-backed innovation now faces and the role that public policy can play in helping us overcome those challenges. If we fail to sustain a supportive business environment for entrepreneurial medical companies, we risk chocking off the flow of innovative treatments and cures to patients in need. We also risk destroying an innovation ecosystem that has generated high-quality jobs and growth for the U.S. economy for decades.

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