As the flagship trade association of the venture capital industry, our primary mission is to advocate for policies to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Core to that mission is making available to all stakeholders timely and accurate data on venture capital activity.

Our partnership with PitchBook serves as the cornerstone of our continued efforts to be the definitive source of venture capital activity across the U.S. and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us as an organization and for our members. Through this partnership, we are now in a position to provide our members with an expanded menu of benefits, but we are also in a much stronger position to better incorporate the use of data in our advocacy efforts.

About the Partnership

The selection of PitchBook concludes an exhaustive review process to identify our new data provider. While there were many of great candidates, in the end PitchBook established itself as the clear leader. From the platform to the brand to the data itself, PitchBook is setting a high bar for itself and the market of private capital data sources. We are excited to begin this partnership to drive value to our members and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem with PitchBook as the official data provider of NVCA.

Frequently Asked Questions Partnership Overview

PitchBook for NVCA Members

As part of the partnership, all NVCA members will receive immediate access to a limited version of the PitchBook Platform available exclusively for NVCA members. Additionally, all members will have access to the full PitchBook Platform at a discounted rate as part of membership with NVCA. For NVCA members that are already clients of PitchBook, other discounts of equal value will be made available as part of membership with NVCA.

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Venture Monitor

NVCA and PitchBook will jointly produce the PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor, which will serve as the authoritative quarterly report on venture capital activity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  The Venture Monitor will provide a complete look at venture capital activity, reporting on fundraising, investments, exits and other relevant industry analysis in one comprehensive report each quarter. The first PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor will report on Q3 venture activity in early October.