Complete Genomics is developing the human genome sequencing technology that will enable academic and biopharmaceutical researchers to understand the genetic basis of many human diseases, including cancer. This will enable the development of new therapeutics and new diagnostics, and accelerate the move to personal medicine. The company's solution for complete human genome sequencing and analysis provides academic and biopharmaceutical researchers with complete human genomic data and analysis at an unprecedented quality, cost and scale without requiring them to invest in in-house sequencing instruments, high-performance computing resources and specialized personnel. By removing these constraints and broadly enabling researchers to conduct large-scale complete human genome studies, Complete Genomics has the potential to revolutionize medical research and expand understanding of the basis, treatment and prevention of complex diseases.

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    Mountain View
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    Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, OrbiMed Advisors, Highland Capital Management, Prospect Venture Partners, Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, OVP Partners
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