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WEBCAST: Lessons on Longevity from Corporate Venture Capitalist
January 18, 2013 
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Corporate Venture Capital
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Lessons on Longevity from CVCs

January 18, 2013 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET

Corporation-sponsored venture capital groups got their start back in the 1970s but more recently, a flurry of new entrants have instituted this strategy.   While economic downturns have often been associated with the elimination of a corporate venture activity in many companies, the CVC effort within others has been in existence for long time periods.  There are more than 20 CVC groups within the NVCA membership that have been in existence for 10 years or more and more than 5 that have been in existence for more than 15 years.  Indeed in some corporations, the CVC effort has flourished, with allocations raised and teams increased over their tenure.  Much has changed over these ~40 years with respect to economic drivers of corporate success but regardless of these external pressures, CVC requires patience and persistence to deliver success. 

How do CVC groups position themselves to successfully make equity investments for strategic return and deliver value to their parent? Hear directly from 3 leaders of such long-lived corporate venture  teams on the factors that contributed to their group’s long-term success.  These lessons will be valuable for newly formed CVC groups and their parent corporations but the experiences also have merit for well-established corporate venture efforts.

Our Panel:

J. Hovey Kemp, Goodwin Proctor (moderator)
Chris Moran, Applied Materials
Eric Emmons, Siemens
Kevin McElgunn, Dow Chemical

Each panelist will provide an introduction to their respective CVC fund and describe those key features that contributed to their team’s longevity.  In addition, these leaders will present strategies that they plan to use to keep CVC relevant and valued within their parent corporation for the next decade and beyond. Webinar participants will have time for questions and follow-up discussions with the panelists.

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