Venture Voices


"Venture Voices," a video series produced by the National Venture Capital Association, offers an intimate look at various aspects of the venture capital asset class as told by pioneering VCs both past and present. We invite you to view these 12 vignettes at your leisure for a closer look at the unique relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, and the world class innovation that's brought to market as a result.

Close to Home
VCs share the ironies of backing medical innovations for millions of Americans, including VCs' own family members...and themselves.

Creating the Future
An inside look at the promise of next-generation venture-backed innovations.

Distinctly VC
From job creation to technological innovation, VC's unique contributions to the economy change the world in which we live.

Improving Quality of Life
Venture capital saves lives. Veteran life sciences investors explain how.  

In the Beginning
Legendary VCs share their personal stories behind the founding of the NVCA more than 30 years ago. 

More than Money
Venture capital. Venture coach. Venture partner.  How VCs support entrepreneurs beyond the dollar.

Not for the Faint of Heart
What's required to take the ultimate business risk?  VCs discuss the uncertainty of venture investing .

Placing the Bet
VCs  share some of the key attributes of successful entrepreneurs, companies, and innovations.

Risky Business
Failure is part of the VC business model. Here is how some of the best navigate the potential  pitfalls of venture investing.

The Motivation
Hear what inspires VCs  - past and present -- to  embrace the long term risk and tough it out alongside their entrepreneurs. 

Venture Legacy
VC pioneers reflect on the venture-backed companies that have helped shaped the modern economy and technologies. Some of these household names might surprise you.

Working Together
A close look at the relationship between government  and venture capital in job creation and innovation.

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