Growth Equity’s Year Ahead

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Brian Rich

As a growth equity investor, Board Member of NVCA, and current Chair of the Growth Equity Member Peer Group, I am focused on advancing the growth equity asset class through education, policy, and investor community engagement. With that in mind, I wanted to provide a brief update of our recent activities. (more…)

Advancing the Innovation Ecosystem by Accelerating Corporate and Venture Partnerships

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Lisa Lambert

As a venture investor who has been on both sides of the fence, I know how critical it is for corporate venture capital firms (CVCs) and private venture capital firms (VCs) to play in the same sandbox.  In fact, our collective mission is now more crucial than ever.  If we are to succeed at driving the growth of innovation, building competitive advantage, and establishing market leadership, CVCs and VCs must work together.  The question is: how?

Corporations have proven themselves to be valuable syndicate partners to the private venture community in recent years.  However, many CVC groups are realizing that it can also be strategic to be indirect investors.  CVC’s primary objective is to access the innovation ecosystem for product development, expansion and acquiring talent.  Many of them would prefer to access the community through a strategic partnership with VC firms rather than building an investment organization themselves.  Likewise, as venture investors continue to fundraise, the opportunity to have CVCs serving as Limited Partners (LPs) in their funds could be mutually beneficial.


A Look Back at the Leadership Gala & Summit

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Ben Veghte

Last Thursday leaders from across venture capital and the entrepreneurial ecosystem converged on the Palace Hotel in San Francisco for the NVCA Leadership Gala & Summit.  The event was a huge success and provided for a great opportunity to download a little content, network with peers and reconnect with NVCA. (more…)

NVCA Brings Entrepreneurs and VCs Together at Office Hours May 6 in San Francisco

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Jessica Straus

On an annual basis, the venture capital industry collectively invests in 3,000-4,000 companies and about one-quarter of those investments go to companies that are raising their first round of venture capital. In 2014, venture capitalists invested in 4,356 companies and 1,409 were first-time fundings. How did these entrepreneurs cross the finish line and what’s their next mountain to climb? At NVCA, we launched Office Hours to connect entrepreneurs and VCs to help high growth companies make the ascent.

Office Hours takes place in the midst of VentureScape, NVCA’s annual conference that convenes over 700 venture capital investors, business and political leaders, limited partners, regional venture capital associations, venture-backed companies, essential service providers, universities and the media. Beyond participating in Office Hours, entrepreneurs join all of VentureScape programming from May 6-7, including the After Hours evening event.


CEA Chief Economist Shares What To Expect at CES 2015

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Hannah Veith

With more than 2 million net square feet of exhibit space, over 160,000 attendees and an entire show floor, awards ceremony, and conference program dedicated to the innovation ecosystem, the International CES® continues to prove why it’s one of the most relevant innovation and technology shows in the world. (more…)

Looking Toward the Summit: NVCA and Intel Capital Will Convene Corporate Venture Leaders Next Week In Huntington Beach

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Janice Mawson

With the ascent of corporate venture over the past decade comes an increased need to share best practices among established and new practitioners. Our research at the National Venture Capital Association shows that last year, corporate venture capitalists invested $3.1 billion in 693 deals, which represented 10.6 percent of all venture capital investment, growing from $1.5 billion in 539 deals in 2005. As an organization, we are committed to convening all facets of the innovation ecosystem – from traditional VCs to corporate investors – to expand networks, provide platforms for discussion, resources and top tier industry research. (more…)

Recapping VentureScape 2014

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Bobby Franklin

When I boarded my flight for San Francisco to attend VentureScape 2014, I was brimming with excitement, anticipation and, yes, I’ll admit, a little nervousness.  Despite having had the privilege of speaking with and meeting hundreds folks in the venture community during my first nine months with NVCA, this was going to be my first opportunity as President & CEO to gather with everyone at the industry’s premier annual gathering.

Alongside outgoing NVCA Chairman Josh Green, current NVCA Chairman Scott Sandell, VentureScape 2014 Chairman Venky Ganesan and many other active board members, we worked to create a dynamic, productive and high-impact event that would live up to expectations. This was a tall order knowing how successful last year’s event was with the re-brand and re-launch of the NVCA annual meeting to bring us what we now know as VentureScape.   (more…)

Putting the Finishing Touches on VentureScape 2014

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Bobby Franklin

With only two weeks left until the start of VentureScape 2014, the NVCA office is abuzz with excitement as we wrap up our planning and complete all the finishing touches for what we know will be another exciting program this year in San Francisco.

This being my first VentureScape, I’m incredibly excited to get on the ground and get started.  And while I like to think nobody can outdo my enthusiasm, perhaps no one is more excited to get started than our distinguished Chair of VentureScape 2014, Venky Ganesan, Managing Director at Menlo Ventures. (more…)

NVCA Opens VentureScape Doors to CEOs and Founders

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Bobby Franklin

It’s my pleasure to announce that for the first time ever NVCA is opening the doors of VentureScape to CEOs and founders of venture-backed companies.

For a nominal registration fee of $300, CEOs and founders of companies venture-backed by NVCA members are invited to come to San Francisco May 13-14 to enjoy compelling content, invaluable networking and premium entertainment alongside some of the biggest names in venture.   (more…)

Jeffrey Immelt Joins VentureScape Lineup

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Venky Ganesan

NVCA is pleased to announce that GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt will join us at VentureScape on May 14 in San Francisco! As the leader of one of the most successful corporations on the planet, Mr. Immelt works at the vanguard of the trends and technologies shaping our world. In a candid interview, he will share his insights on the roles and opportunities for America’s innovation ecosystem in driving transformative change in our economy and our society. You can read more about his impressive career and accomplishments at the GE website. (more…)