We want YOU to help us root out sexual harassment and create a safe and welcoming venture industry

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Four weeks have passed since news first broke of incidents of sexual harassment by a member of the venture community.  Since then, several other instances of inappropriate behavior involving individuals from our industry have come into the spotlight.  As much as it pains me to say this, this is probably not the end but the… Read more »

No Room for Harassment in our Industry

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In the past several days, the brave testimonials of Niniane Wang, Susan Ho, and Leiti Hsu have drawn a sharp focus on the unacceptable sexual harassment and misconduct of Justin Caldbeck. This behavior has no room in our industry and opened a critical discussion about how we can work together to make systemic changes to ensure that anyone… Read more »

Honoring Brenda Gavin and Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

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In March, the venture community lost a friend, colleague and leader.  Brenda Gavin’s sudden death was tragic and reminds us all to not take a single day for granted. If you didn’t know Brenda, she was a true pioneer in the venture community and respected leader across the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Dedicated to life sciences investing,… Read more »

Making Progress on Audit Relief

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The NVCA CFO Task Force comprised of around 100 CFOs from NVCA member firms has long played a critical role in driving our work with auditors and the various regulatory bodies that shape auditing and accounting policies and practices related to the VC industry and its portfolio companies. A recent focus of this important NVCA… Read more »

Regional Venture Capital Associations Are Critical to the Rise of Innovation Ecosystems

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The growth of innovation ecosystems across the U.S. can be influenced by a range of factors – the presence of research institutions, incubators and accelerators, local investment communities, existing businesses and corporations, cost-of-living, public policy, population density, and infrastructure. State and regional venture capital trade associations play the critical role of navigating the bevy of… Read more »

Startup Day Across America Will Highlight The Scale of Opportunity and Innovation Across the U.S.

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Tremendous opportunity exists for innovators across the U.S. to transform and improve the most basic ways we live, work and play. The convergence of accessible, affordable technologies and the development of new resources for entrepreneurs has made it easier than ever to start a company. High-growth startups are driving change across all sectors of the… Read more »

Recapping an Active Week in Washington

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There is immense opportunity in America today to build new technologies, services and products that shape the world. One of our key priorities at NVCA is ensuring America remains a country where the new ideas can flourish and long-term investment in innovation is rewarded. But, an environment that supports entrepreneurship and investment in new ideas… Read more »